Luz Casal – Que Corra El Aire

In my opinion, good music is good music, whether or not you understand the lyrics. English or your native tongue may be an advantage, but when you leave the language out of consideration, there is so much more to discover! Me as a Dutchman, f.i., I love French and Spanish music. Oh well, I think you thought so already…

Ever since the early 1980s, Luz Casal (whose first name means β€˜light’) is a staple in the Spanish music scene, and beyond. Her 15 albums to date, which covered all possible musical genres, sold a total of over 5 million pieces.

Next March, Casal’s 16th album comes out, Que Corra El Aire. The title track is her new single. A rocky song with a very Beatlesque part near the end. It’s great!

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