Maddy – Dum Dum Dum

Danish duo The Raveonettes are currently on a hiatus. They’re sadly missed. There’s good news on the horizon though, but let me start at the beginning…

After releasing a streak of songs during the last couple of years, Copenhagen-based newcomer Maddy realized she was in a personal crisis. She pulled the plug and booked a ticket to LA. There, she met Sune Wagner, one half of The Raveonettes. They wrote and recorded her new single Dum Dum Dum together. The whole song is built around a simple and raw bass line, without getting annoying for a second. Incredible.

Maddy, who was born Mathide Mikkelsen, says about the song: β€œThe hook of Dum Dum Dum is basically just sounds but it’s also a melody that describes an escape from reality. I needed a song about what life is like when insignificant little things and thoughts feel excessively overmuch. Dum Dum Dum is for when your body and mind call for a break and a song for everyone to not always try and strive for perfection but just let go and enjoy the ride.”

After hearing these first fruits, it’s good to know Maddy and Sune created more songs together.

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