Magnus Bechmann – It Bothers Me

If pop music is your thing, you’d better relocate to Scandinavia. There must be something in the water up there…

Magnus Bechmann is just another fine example of an artist (from Norway, in this case) who delivers solid three minute pop tunes with jaw dropping ease. But when you listen more closely, you’ll hear the complex nature of these gems. Amazingly, Bechmann is only 20 years old and besides his work as a song smith he is a kindergarten teacher.

His debut EP Loners Get Lonely Too contains six songs (a track named Intro being the fourth track on the EP; love that). The happy tunes often have themes that are a bit more sad. My absolute favourite is EP opener It Bothers Me, that has the same punch and sparkle as many tunes by French band Phoenix. Instantly likable!


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