mags – I Can’t Get Over You

Scandinavia is one huge pool of musical talent. In order to show you the magnitude of this pool, let’s narrow down the selection. Let’s only look at Denmark, only the female artists, and only the ones you’ve read about at Carte Blanche Music recently. If you’d guess that would leave us with one, maybe two names, think again. How about Who, RoseeLu, Mina Okabe, Drew Sycamore, Eyjaa and Dopha? Impressive list, don’t you think?

Today, I’d like to add another name to that list. Please meet Margrethe Tang-Jakobsen, professionally known as mags. Aged 25, she’s an exciting newcomer from Copenhagen. Mags already filled an EP (Conversations I’ve Had With Myself) and a full self-titled album with her personal, diary-like song-writing. Now, she’s ready for her decisive next step. The one that should propel her into pop heaven, that is. Figuratively speaking, obviously…

The first sign, her new single, is very promising. I Can’t Get Over You is trademark mags: highly energetic electronic pop music. Don’t let the music fool you however: it’s a story of unsolved love, but with a danceable production. In other words: pop-euphoria and heartbreak for the dance floor. Once again, this track shows mags’ undeniable talent, both as a songwriter, co-producer and singer.

“I want to release music that has evolved with me”, she tells. “Both the lyrics and the vibe represent exactly where I feel I am right now. Just like everyone else, I’ve used what feels like every single hour of the day in my apartment during the past year. Unconsciously, that state of mind has made me create music that is uplifting and fun. And hopefully, I Can’t Get Over You will make everyone else jump up and down, dancing in their lockdown homes, just like I have, listening to the song.”

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