Marble Waves – Caught In A Current

Marble Waves consists of singer-songwriter Eveline Armina Haverlag, guitarist Frank Geerlings, bass player Amรฉ Staal and drummer Rutger Louwerse. Please note the subtle contradiction in the bandโ€™s name. Marble is solid, unmoving and frozen in time and space, whereas waves are always moving and never stay in one shape or one place.

Although Amsterdam-based, Marble Waves draw their influences from all over the world. Basically a folk band, their sound incorporates elements of Americana, indie, and pop as well. They wrap poetic lyrics in layered vocals, underscored by simple but effective violin arrangements and ethereal guitar work. The kind of music that goes down well in a full-band setup, but in an acoustic setting as well.

After releasing their debut single only last April, Caught In A Current is Marble Wavesโ€™ third release. Itโ€™s a song about the feeling of always working hard and struggling, while staying stuck in the same place, never getting somewhere.

All three songs will be on the bandโ€™s upcoming 6-track debut EP, scheduled for release later this year. It was produced by Tom Sikkers. Formerly singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer of bands like Wealthy Beggar and Daybroke, he now specializes in sound design, and music for movies and TV. Which explains the cinematic quality of Marble Wavesโ€™ musicโ€ฆ

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