Mathea – Wollt Dir Nur Sagen

Mathea is currently the most streamed artist from Austria. In 2016, she participated in talent show ‘The Voice Of Germany’, where she didn’t get to the top places. Nevertheless, her 2018 debut single 2x, released at age 20, was a huge success in the German speaking countries. A #1 hit, it was awarded the Platinum status and was ultimately streamed over 60 million times on all platforms. Follow-up single Chaos and Alles Gute were hits as well. A star is born.

One of the reasons of Mathea’s success is her honesty. She may be young of age, she has something to say, and she does so in plain words. No metaphors, no kitsch. Her new single is another convincing song. In Wollt Dir Nur Sagen, she tries to get an important person to understand her feelings for them. But apparently, saying ‘I love you’ is harder than it seems.

Wollt Dir Nur Sagen is a fresh and modern-sounding track. It’s put out ahead of her debut album M, which is set for release on 1 May.

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