Mélodie Lauret – 23h28

19. This girl is only 19 years old. And what a talent! To me, 23h28 by Mélodie Lauret may be one of the debuts of the year.

Her very first single is a musical coming out in more ways than one, and it’s utterly beautiful. If you speak French, the powerful lyrics will move you, whether you listen to them deliberately or not. Lauret doesn’t really sing the song, she speaks the words. A bit like Grand Corps Malade, whom I’m fond of as well. If you don’t speak French, there is enough to like in the overall melody. Or Mélodie, if you like. Slow beats, a sparse but effective bassline, eerie backing vocals… this is a real treat.

23h28 is a song in the best French ‘chanson’ tradition. Already picked up by a major record label, Mélodie is certainly one to watch.

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