Mélodie Lauret – À Quoi Tu Penses Quand Tu M’adores ?

If you like a speak-singing delivery (where the artist alternates speaking with singing), French music has a lot to offer. Grand Corps Malade, for instance, is renowned for this characteristic style. So is Mélodie Lauret.

I’ve been a fan of Laurets ever since she debuted with her single 23h28, less than a year ago. In the meantime, she put out her first EP, and a second EP is slated for release in the autumn.

À Quoi Tu Penses Quand Tu M’adores ? (‘what do you think about when you make love to me?’) is the 20-year-old singer’s new single. As always, Lauret doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve. This time, she narrates about the hazardous feelings that can affect a romantic relationship. The instrumentation is sparse, but very effective, pointing all your attention to the tormented lyrics. But even when you don’t understand a word, it’s a beautiful song, with a tangible melancholy.

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