Merci, Mercy – Winnie Crush

In March 2020, Mercedes Thorne released her first proper single Fucked Myself Up as Merci, Mercy. It was a song about dependence on alcohol.ย Her new single Winnie Crush has the same theme, lyrically. In a press release, the singer explains itโ€™s โ€œabout a toxic relationship that I have with myself [and] these bad habits that Iโ€™m letting take control over my life. I can barely afford what is good for my body let alone whatโ€™s bad for it.โ€

If you now think โ€˜not much has changed in that year and a halfโ€™, think again. Following her break-through EP No Thank You, No Thanks, Merci, Mercy signed a record deal with Capitol Records in the US and EMI in the UK. Both companies are part of the worldโ€™s largest record company, Universal Music Group. So, now that sheโ€™s become a household name in her native Australia, the world is next on her roadmap.

Winnie Crush is a catchy track with walking bass lines, funky guitars and a bearable level of vocoder. As always, Merci, Mercy doesnโ€™t wear her heart on her sleeve. Her lyrics are direct, brutally honest and very relatable. A potential future star.

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