Middle Kids – R U 4 Me?

18 months have passed since Australian guitar-pop trioย Middle Kidsย released new music. Now, the band around lead singer and songwriterย Hannah Joyย is back with R U 4 Me? Itโ€™s faster and more furious than before, but as catchy as ever. As always, it combines infectious melodies with raucous, arena-worthy indie rock. But this time, thereโ€™s more of an edge to it, probably courtesy of producer Lars Stalfors (St Vincent, Cold War Kids, Soccer Mommy).

Explaining the inspiration for the song, Joy says:ย โ€œI was at university once and there were all these signs on the walls saying โ€˜BE NICE ITโ€™S NOT THAT HARD.โ€™ The tone of the message itself actually wasnโ€™t very nice or kindโ€ฆ We are always looking around at other people thinking โ€˜are you on my team?โ€™. I think this just results in us all feeling lonely.โ€

Middle Kidsโ€™ new single comes with a moving music video, focusing on a young boy who struggles to fit in. It tells a story of youth, peer pressure, social isolation and the joy of finding a place to belong.

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