Milo Meskens – Daddy Issues

Belgium got to know singer and songwriter Milo Meskens in 2015 via โ€˜De Nieuwe Lichtingโ€™ (โ€˜the new classโ€™). This is the talent programme of radio station Studio Brussel. Since releasing his debut single Here With Me in 2016, he scored eight hits in his home country. On top of that, he gathered a reasonable following in neighbouring country the Netherlands. Now, itโ€™s time for him to break out of the Benelux. His new single might be the right track to achieve that.

Daddy Issues is a melodic and catchy pop-rock song, with trauma and education as itโ€™s main themes. It deals with the fact that old sorrow and concerns can pass on from one generation to the other. โ€˜Treat your daughter like a father / or donโ€™t be one at allโ€™, he sings. A dark subject matter, packed in an energetic and enticing song with great guitar licks and wicked horns.

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