Mina Okabe – Walk Away

Sometimes, all you need to cheer up is a – if only by the sound of it – carefree song. These locked down times are such an occasion, and here is your remedy!

Mina Okabe is a 20-year-old Danish/Japanese singer-songwriter. She was born and raised in London, New York, Manila and Copenhagen. Each of them great cities which, I imagine, could only lead to heaps of inspiration. Especially for someone like Mina who, as she states herself, writes all of her songs about personal experiences and feelings.

Walk Away is her new single. Since her October 2020 debut single I’m Done, it’s only her third release. A fresh and heart-warming song without pretentions, simple but effective, with Mina’s charming and gentle voice as its main weapon. By the way, it’s not as carefree a tune as it sounds. The track deals with the bittersweetness of love.

In Mina’s own words: β€œI wrote Walk Away about the feeling of not knowing if the guy that I was seeing was as interested in me as I was in him. I was asking myself, if I should walk away from what we had or keep giving him chances to prove me wrong.”

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