Mist – Hey [Little Canyon Session]

Rick Treffers is a Dutch songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer, releasing albums since 1995. His main vehicle is Mist, originally a band consisting of Dutch musicians, but since he relocated to Spain in 2011, Rick surrounds himself with Spanish band members. His songs are full of intimacy and melancholy. Though I love this sound, I’m especially fond of his tracks that are a little bit more upbeat and that contain a spark of hope. Blame my radio past for that… πŸ˜‰ .

One of my favourite tracks on Mist’s latest album The Loop Of Love, entitled Hey, has just been re-recorded with the Spanish band, live in the Little Canyon Studios in Valencia. Next month, this version will appear on their next album Underwater, a collection of outtakes from The Loop Of Love, duets, covers, B sides, remixes, you name it…

During this re-recording not only the tape recorder was rolling, but some cameras as well, so you can see the result for yourself:


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