Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – A Simple Love

Moby may be vegan, musically he is an omnivore. His legacy so far covers all possible genres. After releasing two singles with The Void Pacific Choir (consisting of Mindy Jones, Julie Mintz, Jonathan Nesvadba, Joel Nesvadba, Jamie Drake and Lauren Tyler Scott) in 2015, they brought out the full album These Systems Are Failing under that moniker in October 2016. A heavy album, on which Moby returns to his punk rock roots. In the eighties, before he rose to stardom with his hit Go, he was guitarist in hardcore punk band Vatican Commandos and alternative rock group Ultra Vivid Scene. But underneath a blanket of guitars the album is filled with beautiful melodies. And beautiful messages, as well.

The first single Are You Lost In The World Like Me? (with its great animated video) was about smartphone addiction and now Moby attacks a subject thatโ€™s even closer to his heart. His new single A Simple Love is about animal suffering. The video focuses on pigs, but the real pigs are of course the humans involved in these practicesโ€ฆ


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