Moddi – Kriegspiel

Moddi is the stage name of PΓ₯l Moddi Knutsen, a progressive folk musician from Norway. I first heard about him in 2016, when he released the album Unsongs, comprising songs that had been banned throughout the world. I was especially struck by the song A Matter Of Habit, originally by Israeli singer Izhar Ashdot and at the time forbidden because of its anti-military lyrics.

Last week, Moddi released Kriegspiel. His cheeriest tune to date, which also has one of the darkest backdrops. In an Instagram post, the singer explains the song is about the former Norwegian border inspector Frode Berg, who is facing a Russian court this week, charged with attempting espionage against the Russian Navy on behalf of the Norwegian Intelligence Services. Ever since his arrest, Norwegian politicians and government officials have remained silent about the case and referred to it as β€˜a consular matter’.

Moddi, however, wants to tell Frode Berg’s story and wrote this wonderful song about it. A song that needs to be heard.

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