Mother Culture – Shitty Four Chord Pop Song

Mother Culture is the brainchild of Aussie brothers Darcy and Spencer Ward. They describe themselves as ‘ya sisters favourite band from South-East Melbourne’. The duo works entirely independently, writing, performing and producing everything you hear from their home studio.

The brothers draw from a wide range of musical influences to create their own bombastic blend of indie rock, psychedelia and pop. In an interview with Forte Magazine they say about that: “We’re sort of the combination of indie, pop, rock, psychedelia. I guess you could say we’re ‘deep space pop rock’.”

Following last year’s great single Drawing From Design, their new single is even better. Not for the faint of heart, it’s just a tad explicit. But in their own words: ‘Fuck it, no one gives a shit’. At least, I hope so, for if you do, you deprive yourself of a fantastic tune. Okay, it’s called Shitty Four Chord Pop Song, and technically, that’s exactly what it is. Meanwhile, however, it’s an excellent pop/rock song that’ll sound great on your radio station (if only you dared) and in your playlist. The chords are staccato and absolutely accessible, especially when accompanied by the infectious ‘la-la-la’ vocals.

Radio stations that are brave enough to program this shit will certainly do their listeners a favour. The ones that don’t aren’t worth their salt.

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