Mute Choir – Shadowboxing

Producer/songwriter Sam Arion founded Mute Choir as a response to an identity crisis. He is joined by fellow musical polymaths Milan Sarkadi and Iris Waters. Describing their style as ‘organized chaos’, the trio is involved in almost every aspect of their work, from production and mixing to artwork.

Just two months after their debut Familiar Ways, Shadowboxing is only their second single. It precedes the band’s first full-length album Silent Conversations, which will drop on 28 February.

Mute Choir say about their new single: “Shadowboxing is told from the perspective of someone who let the weight of fear and negativity gradually break their spirit. They’ve given up and distanced themselves from their passions, only realizing how misguided they were when it’s too late. Each verse laments the unfulfilled mundanity of their day-to-day, while the choruses offer a bleak retrospect. The character was written as a reminder to never look back on life thinking ‘what if?’. It’s better to fail doing what you love than to know you never tried.”

As far as this single is concerned, I think this fear is unjust. Mute Choir are very likely to reach loads of people with this great tune.

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