My Baby – Make A Hundred

My Baby is a Dutch band, but theyโ€™re playing so many gigs outside their own country, that you probably know them already. If not: go and check them as soon as you can. Preferably live, because theyโ€™re ace! From the first note on, they put the pedal to the metal and only after the last note they hit the brakes. And in between? 100% pure groove!

My Baby mixes roots, funk, gospel and blues into what they call โ€˜voodoo tranceโ€™. That, combined with the hippie-like appearance of singer Cato van Dijck, especially, produces a Woodstock kind of feeling (as far as I know it by tradition, that is).

If you donโ€™t know them yet, make sure you listen to the new single Make A Hundred, off their album Prehistoric Rhythm. Iโ€™m pretty sure that My Baby will soon be everybodyโ€™s favourite!


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