Nemesea – Dance In The Fire

In 2016, Dutch rock band Nemesea released its most commercial album, Uprise. It featured their most catchy compositions and tightest production yet. But then, disaster struck. Singer Manda Ophuis left the band and quit singing altogether, following her heart to pursue a career as a teacher for highly gifted children.

Her former band members decided to continue Nemesea, that built a worldwide following since they started, 15 years ago, this year. After auditions from singers (male and female) from all over the world, the band unanimously chose Sanne Mieloo as their new frontwoman. She has a rich musical and theatre background and, most importantly, an incredible voice, which she showcases for the first time on Nemesea’s new single Dance In The Fire. A brand-new track, not from the album.

Still, I hope Sanne will also re-sing some of the outstanding tracks from Uprise. It would be a pity to deny them the success they deserve. I’d love to hear songs like Light Up The Sky, Let It Burn and Get Out with her voice one day. A nice way to celebrate Nemesea’s jubilee, later this year?


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