Neon Fields – Meant To Be

After writing and producing a series of demos, Ed Barrett began contacting musicians South-West UK in 2019 with the hope of forming a band. Neon Fields was eventually formed in 2020 by Barrett (lead vocals), Luke Russe (drums) and Piers Ward (keyboards/guitar).

Unable to meet up because of the lockdowns, they were forced to collaborate remotely. This lead to them incorporating far more electronic elements into our music. As a consequence, the band now combines dark industrial rock, atmospheric soundscapes, and vocals packed with passion and emotion. This creates their own, unique brand of indie electronic rock. They cite Radiohead, Muse, Alt-J, Moderat, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones and Tool as their main influences. However, the most obvious band that springs to minds is Depeche Mode.

Late last year, Neon Fields compiled their first six singles on EP1, their debut EP. Now, they’re working on an album they hope to release mid 2022. Meant To Be is the first single off it to drop. The track takes the listener on a journey from a mellow emotive vibe to an energetic and frantic ending, which is intended to help tell the story of unrequited love and sinister obsession.

The band call it β€˜a love song with a twist’. They say about it: β€œEd has a tendency to write about inner struggle/torment with a sinister undertone, and tries to get these emotions across in the vocals.”

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