Nerina Pallot – Ta Chance

Ever since her debut album Dear Frustrated Superstar, from 2001, I’m a big admirer of Nerina Pallot’s. Her second album Fires, especially, is a favourite of mine. Singles like Everybody’s Gone To War and Learning To Breathe are still on high rotation on my imaginary radio station. In 2014, she released an EP every month. These tracks were collected on the album My Best Friends Are Imaginary: A Year Of EPs, which was released digitally only in September 2016.

Later this year, Nerina Pallot will put out her new album Stay Lucky. The title track was released as its first single. Alas, it went by largly unnoticed. But now that she releases a French version of that same song, all the pieces seem to fall into place. In the first place perhaps, because of her flawless French pronunciation (probably thanks to her father being half-French). It’s a timeless, classic song, worthy of your attention.


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