Niko Rubio – Go With You

Carte Blanche Music is a one-man operation and all of us are pretty busy otherwise as well. In other words: time is limited, but the pile of new music nearly doubles every week. Luckily is not all equally great, to put it mildly. I only recommend songs I’m 100% behind, but I also like to introduce you to new acts. Although this means I can’t write about each new release of artists I love, there are exceptions. This is one of those…

I’ve been following rising singer-songwriter Niko Rubio since she released her major label debut single You Could Be The One in May. Last month, I thought its follow-up Bed was simply too good to ignore. And now, the 20-year-old California-bred artist is doing it again. How could I not go with a song that’s named Go With You? Especially when it’s another banger in my ears.

Go With You is an alt-rock kind of track, with strumming guitars and a driving beat throughout. The title is accentuated by pounding drums. Hopefully, this song will confirm that three is the magic number.

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