Niko Rubio – Bed

Surveys (often commissioned by radio stations) appear to indicate most people still discover new music via the radio. That may be true, but I can’t believe most people discover new artists via the radio. The reason is simple: radio hardly plays any new artists. When they play new music, 95 out of 100 times it’s new music by well-known artists. Alas, radio doesn’t take any chances anymore. Every station plays the same music, servicing the same group of people. Not the most adventurous people.

Meanwhile, there’s an explosion of new music by emerging artists on streaming services. Over 60.000 (mostly new) tracks are added to Spotify every day! Not all equally good, of course, so how do you find the needles in that enormous hay stack? Well, via blogs like Carte Blanche Music for instance. Where the bloggers select their own music, and write about it out of genuine enthusiasm. Without any commercial interest. Hell no, this hobby only costs us money… For the love of music!

Five weeks ago, I hoped to help you discover Niko Rubio. I absolutely loved her debut single You Could Be The One, and I still do. In line with the song’s title, I thought she might be a future superstar. Actually, I still do. It just hasn’t materialized yet. The track deserved more than the 50.000 streams it attracted.

But here is Rubio’s new single, Bed! It unfolds in sultry grooves and snarling guitar riffs as Niko slips into a state of feverish infatuation. β€˜I like it when you say my name / Tastes like candy on my brain / I’m so dumb for you, love’.

Both tracks will be on her forthcoming debut EP, slated for release this Summer.

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