Noga Erez feat. Rousso – Story

It may sound corny, but Noga Erezโ€™ 2017 debut album Off The Radar put her very much on the radar. Sheโ€™s got a unique and adventurous approach, including synths and ingenious beats, that makes the Israeli pop star stand out. She makes her music in collaboration with her partner and co-writer, composer, and producer Ori Rousso.

Story is Erezโ€™ new single. Itโ€™s the fifth track to be released ahead of her upcoming album Kids, set for release on 26 March. For the first time, she and Rousso delved into their personal relationship. The song explains how couples’ relationships are always a relationship between two peopleโ€™s past and present.

The singer-songwriter says of Story: “This is the first time we tell a story about our relationship in a song and video. Itโ€™s a song about a couple fighting and how, in that situation, sometimes what you hear the other person say is not what they actually said. The making of this video was a 10-day couples therapy session for us. As we rehearsed the pretend fighting and martial arts moves we knew that, at times, one of us would get punched just a little too hard. It was so intense and interesting to live in this world, where our relationship comes alive in the most physical way.”

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