North Parade – Keepthingscasual

North Parade are an upcoming indie-pop band formed in Birmingham, but currently based in London. It consists of Henry Plumridge (vocals/guitar/piano), Chris Ettinger (guitar/vocals/synth), James Dewing (bass) and Ollie Clark (drums/percussion/vocals). In anticipation of their new EP How To Be Good, they shared its lead single Keepthingscasual. A track they say was written โ€˜entirely on a phone between a notes app and music software loopsโ€™.

Keepthingscasual is an up-tempo pop/rock song full of hooks and with an infectious chorus. It brings The Wombats to mind, which is never a bad thing. One can hear the band had fun recording it, and youโ€™ll surely have fun listening to it.

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