One Bit & Noah Cyrus – My Way

Noah Cyrus, formerly known as โ€˜Mileyโ€™s sisterโ€™, has built a strong career of her own. After working as a featured vocalist with go-to producers like Alan Walker, Marshmello and Matoma, the 17-year-old American singer now teams up with UK duo Jonty Howard and Joe Murphy, who use the moniker One Bit. They produced arguably her most accessible single to date.

One of the reasons My Way is sure to go your way, is its infectious use of a sample thatโ€™s recognisible in more ways than one. After all, Myloโ€™s Drop The Pressure (2004) formed the basis for the single Doctor Pressure one year later, which mashed his hit with Miami Sound Machineโ€™s Dr. Beatโ€ฆ

Sure thing that My Way will cross over from Spotify (where it has been streamed almost a million times already) and the dance floor to radio stations all around. But no need for you to wait for that to happen. All you have to do is click belowโ€ฆ


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