Palaye Royale – No Love In LA

Have you youโ€™ve recently become a fan of Italian Eurovision Song Contest winners Mรฅneskin? Then you might as well check their American counterparts Palaye Royale. Theyโ€™re an equally adrenaline-fueled rock โ€˜nโ€™ roll circus, and their melodic rock tracks are just as infectious. Even their raw vocal capacities are rather similar.

Only last year the Los Angeles rockers released their third album The Bastards, but the band already moved on. This week, they donโ€™t release one, but two singles simultaneously. Punching Bag is sure to cement the trioโ€™s reputation as a hard-hitting rock band, but the โ€˜other A-sideโ€™, No Love In LA, has the potential to become a โ€˜multi-formatโ€™ hit. In other words, this might be the song that brings Palaye Royale to the masses. Deservedly so! Itโ€™s their most radio-friendly song yet, with great hooks and spiky riffs, but above all: beautiful strings.

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