Paloma – 2AM (Love Again)

People say song structures have changed since streaming became the predominant way to β€˜consume’ music. Choruses have moved forward, intro’s disappeared and overall, tunes became shorter. That may all be true, but with 30 years of radio experience I can tell you: I always loved songs without an intro. They sound great when played straight after a jingle. Take 2AM (Love Again) by Paloma for instance, and imagine a short and snappy station call right in front of it. Terrific sequence, isn’t it? But hey, let’s put the nerd stuff aside here…

In 2015, the young Washington trio Light Up The Sky released their debut single I Will Never. An album and four more singles later, they continued their career as Paloma. However, despite the name change, they resumed their musical path. That’s good news for fans of classically influenced guitar riffs and modern rock melodies. Think Paramore, for instance.

Only the 4th single under their new guise, 2AM (Love Again) sounds like the track that could break Paloma at (rock) radio.

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