Papooz – Theatrical State Of Mind

Armand Penicaut & Ulysse Cottin (a.k.a. Papooz) met whilst studying Literature at the Sorbonne university in their home city of Paris. The duo began working on demos of weird pop, inspired by artists as diverse as The Beach Boys, Ella Fitzgerald, and The White Stripes. These demos went on to become their debut album Green Juice.

A few weeks ago, Papooz released their second full-length, Night Sketches. Theatrical State Of Mind is the new single off it. The video pitches the trackโ€™s languid disco groove against a surreal dream that Armand had about his bandmate Ulysse. They โ€˜explainโ€™: โ€œUlysse le Sรฉvรจre, the blood thirsty King of Burgundy, invites a couple of twin minstrels to play music in his castle. Just when you think you’re safe… you’re in more danger! A french tale of revenge, lust and forgiveness.โ€

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