Parcels – Tieduprightnow

Parcels are an Australian band, that is now based in Berlin, Germany. It was formed in 2014 by Louie Swain and Patrick Hetherington (both keyboards), Noah Hill (bass), Anatole Serret (drums) and Jules Crommelin (guitar), all of whom are only tweens.

Their recent single Overnight is probably their best-known, arguably because it was co-written by Daft Punk. But Parcels don’t (or at least shouldn’t) need big-name collabs to make it big. Their new, rather slow-paced single is a good example of a well-crafted song. Tieduprightnow has a retro, Chic-like, funky pop sound, that brings beach parties to mind. If these would have been the ’80s, it would certainly have been picked up to serve as the theme song of a TV series.

The accompanying video deliberately contains many Australian stereotypes. The band explains: β€œThe video is a homage to our roots. We all liked the idea of playing with the Australian stereotype, how the world views Australia and how we fit into that.”

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