Paris Youth Foundation – The Back Seat

Liverpool five-piece Paris Youth Foundation named themselves after a graffiti spotted in an underground station in the French capital. In the five years of their existence, they built themselves quite a reputation as a great live band. No wonder, with such a bundle of anthemic songs under their belt. However, just like every other touring act, they were forced to put their ambitious plans for 2020 on ice.

Lost love is a theme that runs like a thread through the band’s catalogue. And here’s another one. Produced by Rich Turvey (Blossoms, Courteeners), The Back Seat is Paris Youth Foundation’s new single. It’s one of their finer songs. A melancholic, but upbeat indie-pop track with a danceable rhythm section and stadium-sized guitars. Front man Kevin Potter’s vibrato makes it extra special.

He says of the track: β€œThe Back Seat is an upbeat sad song about two people getting to grips with being on their own, trying to hide their pain with drink and how drunk calling someone and hearing their voice mail at 4AM makes you feel a little less alone. All those messages you’ve typed out, but never had the courage to send end with a sense of inevitability and the regrettable call being made in the taxi on the way home.”

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