Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom – Go Wake Up

Marcus Fรผreder, better known by his stage name Parov Stelar, is one of Austriaโ€™s internationally most successful artists. He is called the founder of โ€˜electro swingโ€™ and his music is the soundtrack for numerous movies, TV shows and ads.

But professional success doesnโ€™t lead to personal happiness per se. He recently wrote on his Facebook page: โ€œMy last two years were full of personal ups and downs. But itโ€™s during the hard times we learn the most. Music has always been one of my best buddies. It carried me and opened doors to hidden worlds. I am now ready to present to you the Voodoo Sonic Trilogy, my journey through that time. Itโ€™s an album in 3 parts and Part 1 will be coming this November.โ€ By now, we know a little more: Part 1/3 will be released on 15 November, while the second and the third part can be expected in the first half of 2020.

The first single off the upcoming trilogy is called Go Wake Up. Itโ€™s sung by Austrian singer, designer and painter Lilja Bloom. The two started working together in 2007, when Bloom became Stelarโ€™s muse. She co-produced his album Shine and sang on all of his albums ever since. Stelar returned the favour by making remixes of several of her solo singles.

Go Wake Up is the pairโ€™s new single. A soulful affair with a Motown kind of vibe. In true voodoo fashion the songโ€™s groove grabs you immediately, never letting go again.

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