Päter – Earth In Revolt

2020 saw the impressive rise of young Canadian artist Päter. She introduced herself successfully with the single Dam, Damn, which she followed up with her debut EP SOLE. She just released a video for the EP’s first single Sleep, which is already succeeded by a brand-new track. Earth In Revolt is Päter’s new single. The singer-songwriter describes the song as ‘experimental alternative rock sounds packed into a rousing climate change anthem’.

In an interview with the Off The Record blog, she shares how the track came about. “I started writing it while I was in the car with my mom accompanying her to an errand, having not left the house in over a month. I was looking around at the empty highway at 5pm on a Tuesday and feeling that, even though it doesn’t seem directly related, this pandemic is a result of the way we’ve treated the Earth, the way we consume and rip through resources. I’ve had that feeling right from the start. Kind of consumerist guilt, the inevitability of ‘karma coming around’. I could go on about it for ages. Then the marching chant of ‘you’re gonna see the Earth in Revolt, you’re gonna see the Earth in Revolt’ came up. I recorded a voice memo of it in the car and my mom was very excited by the whole thing.”

As an adult, I think it’s encouraging that young people have visions like this and feel the urge to take action. Hopefully they will be given (or take) the opportunity to solve the problems older generations caused. Before it’s too late…

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