Päter – Fan Fan Fan

I’ll be honest with you. To me, as a music lover, it’s all about the song. Always has been that way, even tens of years before the introduction of streaming. As a consequence, I love many songs, but there aren’t many artists I’d call myself a fan of. Even the artists I’m most fond of put out shitty music from time to time, in my opinion. They’re only human after all.

Yet, by the looks of it, it’s fair to say I’m a fan of Päter’s. She’s an upcoming Canadian artist with only 15 songs in her repertoire, but I like them all. Partly because of the great variety between those tunes. They’re all different. Unbelievable how many musical styles a young artist like her masters. Take her new single, for instance. It’s called Fan Fan Fan, and spoiler alert: it’s not about me (and not about a ventilator either) 😉.

Parmida (Päter’s real name) says about it: “Fan Fan Fan was written from the point of unrequited love when you’ve cried every last tear, lost every last minute of sleep and things start to get a bit topsy turvy. There’s a deliriousness to it. I wrote this when I was feeling particularly stubborn about a relationship that wasn’t going my way. It let me release the tension around it and laugh at myself a bit. I think if you’ve ever been there, you’ll understand the melodrama of this song. It feels that dramatic when you’re in it.”

Not only is Fan Fan Fan a fun (fun fun) song, but there’s some seriously incredible singing going on in the middle section as well. Another great addition to a catalogue that’s highly recommended to check out. You could start with the tracks below and then dive in deeper…

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