Päter – float.ing

The world is changing, and young Canadian singer-songwriter Päter doesn’t only describe and oppose the consequences, she’s evolving herself as well. Not indifferent to the things happening around her, her lyrics always came from a very personal place. But often, they dealt with subjects in the outside world. On her new single, she invites us into her own realm. She describes float.ing as ‘a song very close to my heart’. “It was inspired by the bittersweet joy of being with someone you love, knowing it’s not going to last.”

Obviously, this subject matter demanded a mellower musical direction. Expect a lovely, folky, indie-pop song. Simple, but with a delicate string arrangement.

Just over a year since the release of her debut single Dam, Damn, Päter keeps developing impressively, gradually revealing more of the real person behind her musical project: Iran-born, Toronto-based Parmida Kakavand. A brave step forward and a promising start of more to come!

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