Patina – Langsomt Sind

Patina is a Danish band where all three members sing, and play drums and percussion. In 2019, they released the EP Selvudgivne Singler, which, as the title implies, contained the bandโ€™s self-released singles so far. It closed one chapter and opened another: the one of their break-through. In 2020, they were nominated for a talent award by popular radio station P3, where Patinaโ€™s hit Flammer Rammer was the most played song of the year.

12 months ago, the band released their debut album Drรธmmefanger (โ€˜Dream Catcherโ€™), but now, itโ€™s time for brand-new music. Langsomt Sind (โ€˜Slow Mindโ€™) is Patinaโ€™s new single and itโ€™s nothing short of brilliant. Full disclosure: like most of you, I donโ€™t understand a word of what they sing. But if this song proves one thing, itโ€™s that this doesnโ€™t need to hinder appreciating the tune. Langsomt Sind is an upbeat, guitar-driven track thatโ€™s great to sing along to (even if only phonetically).

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