Perfect Moment – Lost In Rome

For over ten years, Alexander Gow was the front man of Aussie rock band Oh Mercy. Earlier this year however, he announced he had moved on. His new project is called Perfect Moment and has a decidedly different sound.

Gow explains: “I re-discovered my love of that strange music which is neither strictly ‘dance music’ nor ’traditional song-writing music’ but instead, this charming third thing. (…) The writing process was the same it always has been – me at the piano with an acoustic guitar in my hand – but the execution was the difference. I sampled some kick sounds favoured by New Order and started building this music that had all the elements of my writing style but with added stylings and some useful limitations. (…) I asked Kim Moyes from The Presets to help me finish an EP. The indie musician had done enough. I needed someone that understood dance music to help me. Kim made me understand that I was on the right track. (…) The result was a much leaner, and exciting brand of my faux-dance music.”

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