Pet Shop Boys – What Are We Going To Do About The Rich?

No need to introduce Pet Shop Boys, I guess. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe are currently recording their upcoming album (set for release in the autumn) with Stuart Price. In the meantime, they drop the stand-alone EP Agenda, featuring four songs that won’t be on the album.

Discussing the EP, Neil says it contains β€œthree satirical songs and one rather sad song – but they all have, broadly speaking, political themes. I think it’s because of the times we’re living through.”

The individual songs are Give Stupidity A Chance, On Social Media, The Forgotten Child and my absolute favourite: What Are We Going To Do About The Rich? A Pet Shop Boys classic in the making. Neil: β€œThis was written as a lyric as a sort of mock-protest song.” Chris: β€œWe’re talking about very rich.” Neil: β€œWe’re talking about extreme rich – oligarchs and that kind of thing. The super-rich.” Chris: β€œThe ones that don’t pay any tax.”

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