Piroshka – Everlastingly Yours

Miki Berenyi, frontwoman of British shoegazers Lush, has revealed a new project, where she is joined by her partner, KJ McKillop (from the band Moose), as well as their friends, Mick Conroy (Modern English) and Justin Welch (Elastica). Their indie supergroup is named Piroshka, after the Hungarian word for Little Red Riding Hood. Debut album Brickbat is on its way, but the band already shared their first ever single, Everlastingly Yours.

Although it’s a dreamy guitar pop song, don’t be mistaken: Berenyi sings about cruelty and violation. “Trample my dreams on the ground / Tear up my flowers / And scatter the petals around” for instance. Or: “I’m not afraid to reach down inside to something within me / That gives me the power to rip out his heart / And shatter his bones with a smile.” The track closes just as optimistic: “Nobody here / Ever escapes / With no blood on their hands.” Party time, peeps! 😉

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