Pixey – Electric Dream

I’m really looking forward to 24 March. That day, one of today’s most outstanding talents, Pixey, releases her second EP Free To Live In Colour. The title track is on it, as well as last year’s great tune Just Move. And she just released a third song off it, Electric Dream.

Being a performer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Electric Dream is another one of Pixey’s DIY tracks. Its fresh, vivid, clever and danceable Madchester sound brings us right back to 1990. That isn’t how it came to life however. She says about the single: β€œElectric Dream was originally written as a piano ballad, but after finishing the lyrics I felt the song worked as a dance track. I wrote it to make sense of being locked in with nothing to rely on but technology. The verses are all of my anxieties that come with that. Like trying to simulate humanity digitally and what kind of a future that would be. But the choruses are about the imperfections of real life that technology and AI can’t give us.”

Apart from the three singles so far, her new EP will feature two more songs. Pixey adds: β€œI wanted a collection of tracks which gave a quick snapshot into me and my brain – where I’m from, where I want to be and what I’m thinking about,” she adds of her new EP. β€œI hope people can take something meaningful from it or simply have a dance.”

And that’s not all. She’s currently writing about three new tracks a week, so you can expect a whole lotta music to come out this year.

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