Pixey – Free To Live In Colour

Liverpudlian DIY artist Lizzie Hillesdon, a.k.a. Pixey, doesn’t hide her inspirations. Her latest single Just Move for instance referenced The Stone Roses, King Bee and Madonna. In her new single Free To Live In Colour, Phil Collins’ Another Day In Paradise subtly shines through.

Where Just Move was meant to get people moving (obviously), this new song has a more seductive nature. It’s a suspenseful track, a little bit spooky even, with some psychedelic touches. Through her imaginative lyrics, Hillesdon describes her daily struggle to be herself and to be liberated. Just like her mother and father during their carefree, youthful days.

Pixey explains: “Free To Live In Colour was written, recorded and produced in my bedroom at a time where I was struggling to understand and express my identity. I wrote the lyrics to sound like a fever dream, but it’s really about staying true to yourself and not being afraid to change, even though life can often feel like a rat race. There’s so many dimensions to what living in colour means, so you can interpret that in whatever way means something to you.”

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