Placebo – Beautiful James

Placebo are one of those bands who had a new album ready in early 2020, when… well, you know… Be prepared for an enormous pile of delayed releases in the coming months, and Placebo’s will be one of them. Their new album is now expected in early 2022.

Impatient fans just got a first track to sink their teeth in. Beautiful James is a classic Placebo song that celebrates non-heteronormative relationships. It has the potential to grow into a new fan favourite. By the sound of it, it could have been made in the era of Pure Morning or Every Me, Every You. Even only hearing Brian Molko’s distinct voice makes for a nostalgic listen.

The single is surrounded by a sense of mystery, and apparently, Molko doesn’t want to shed much light on it. Speaking about the meaning of Beautiful James, the front man says that he wants β€˜each person who cares enough to listen to the record to find their own story’, adding: β€œWho is James to you? And is James even a man? These are questions I’m not going to answer, these are questions I want people to ask themselves.” He concludes: β€œIf the song serves to irritate the squares and the uptight, so gleefully be it.”

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