Polish Club – Stop For A Minute

Although Sydney duo Polish Clubย faced the same setbacks in 2020 as every other band on the planet, they still managed to play eight sold-out shows. They also scored anย APRA Award nominationย for Most Performed Rock Work.

Now, theyโ€™re back with their first single of 2021 and it’s a cracker. Stop For A Minute is an incredibly infectious upbeat pop song with a groove to die for. But donโ€™t let this bright soundtrack fool you. Lyrically, the song addresses a heavier theme. It takes aim at the abuse of power within the music industry, that artists and executives got away with in the past. โ€˜All your heroes end up being fucking monstersโ€™, theyย sing in the songโ€™s chorus.

โ€œAt its core, this song is me trying to deal with our inconsistent acknowledgement of the cavalcade of horrible things done by countless artists in a position of power,โ€ says David Novak, the bandโ€™s lead vocalist and guitarist. “There is a knowledge that nothing ever really comes of these things until the relevance of these artists wane. A good hit is enough for us to all collectively decide it’s not worth dealing with right now, or sometimes ever.”

Just like the song itself, the video has two faces as well. The duo juxtapose the heavier content with some fun, green-screen heavy scenes.

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