President Street – Time Is Up

Ruby Servinis and Peter Moses named their band after the street in Perth, Australia where Moses grew up. Each member comes from a very different walk of life and musical background, which also explains the variety in their music. They blend so many genres, that pop-fusion is the best way to describe it.

President Street’s new single is a vibrant and uplifting tune, mixed by world-renowned Ash Howes. But don’t let its carnival-esque nature and infectious house piano distract you from its important message. In fact, as you might have concluded from its title, Time Is Up is a protest song. Inspiration for the track came from the many movements the world saw over the last few years. Think about issues like climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, police brutality, #metoo or black lives matter.

Speaking of the song, President Street says: β€œWatching the news we were struck by the diversity of people coming together peacefully. And so we wanted it to feel like a celebration of people of all colours, age, religions and gender coming together to say that we’ve all had enough, and the time for change is now.”

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