Public Service Broadcasting (feat. James Dean Bradfield) – Turn No More

When Public Service Broadcasting released their third album Every Valley last month, a concept piece about the rise and fall of the South Wales coal industry, one track immediately stood out: Turn No More, the one featuring Manic Street Preachers frontman James Dean Bradfield. It’s a song about the aftermath of the coal mine closure across Wales, with Bradfield’s voice reflecting on life post-mines. In some parts he is almost unrecognisable, because he sings with a lot less power than in his own band.

Turn No More is the next single off Every Valley, following tracks like Progress and People Will Always Need Coal. It’s a meaningful song, not only meant to entertain, but also to educate.

And talking about entertainment: I can’t encourage you enough to go and see Public Service Broadcasting live. You’ll have plenty more chances to do so in November, when the band embarks on a 22-date European tour. Must see!


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