Public Service Broadcasting (feat. Tracyanne Campbell) – Progress

I have enthused about Public Service Broadcasting before and my fondness hasn’t waned in those two months. On the contrary. This week, out of the blue, they present the first single of a new album. The follow-up to the massively successful The Race For Space (2015) and subsequent remix and live albums (both 2016).

This new track is called Progress and it is, indeed, a step ahead (although calling it β€˜a giant leap for mankind’ would be a bit of an exaggeration). But it does introduce a new element, since this is the first PSB song that features a guest vocal, courtesy of Tracyanne Campbell, the singer of Scottish indie pop band Camera Obscura.

Hopefully, this added element – which makes Progress more of a traditional β€˜song’ than their previous output – will translate into more airplay than Public Service Broadcasting received so far, making this their biggest hit to date and a wonderful set-up for their third album.


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