Puggy – Change The Colours

Puggy is a band consisting of multiple nationalities. Singer/guitarist Matthew Irons is British, bass player Romain Descampe is a Frenchman and drummer Egil FranzΓ©n hails from Sweden. They consider themselves a Belgian band, because that is where they met in 2005, although their official website is www.puggy.FR. Oh well…

Their first single that caught my attention was When You Know in 2010 and since then I’ve also enjoyed listening to tracks like Last Day On Earth and, more recently, Soul. The latter is pulled from their latest album Colours, that has recently been re-released with a complete live album as a bonus. And that is good news, since Puggy is a great live band. Change The Colours, more or less the title track of the cd, is about to become their next single.


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