Puggy – Change The Colours

Puggy is a band consisting of multiple nationalities. Singer/guitarist Matthew Irons is British, bass player Romain Descampe is a Frenchman and drummer Egil Franzรฉn hails from Sweden. They consider themselves a Belgian band, because that is where they met in 2005, although their official website is www.puggy.FR. Oh wellโ€ฆ

Their first single that caught my attention was When You Know in 2010 and since then Iโ€™ve also enjoyed listening to tracks like Last Day On Earth and, more recently, Soul. The latter is pulled from their latest album Colours, that has recently been re-released with a complete live album as a bonus. And that is good news, since Puggy is a great live band. Change The Colours, more or less the title track of the cd, is about to become their next single.


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