Pyro – Your Love

In their home country the Netherlands, things look good for rock band Pyro. The tracks off their first EP Out Of The River received much airplay, and their second EP Come Back For You is ready for release. Once again, it was recorded with the best studio musicians, mixed by Ronald Prent (Rammstein, Simple Minds) en mastered by Ted Jensen (Green Day, Kings Of Leon). The 4-track opus will be out early in 2021. But first they put out Your Love as its second single.

Itโ€™s a euphoric track, full of Queen-like choruses, acknowledging that love is a kind of drug. The intro is played on a crappy guitar, which the band found in the recording studioโ€™s kitchen. Combined with a vocal effect, the first seconds sound like a really old recording. But shortly after, all filters are lifted, leaving a very contemporary rock song, influenced by bands like Kings Of Leon and Foo Fighters. A beautiful acoustic version will follow soon.

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