Rag ‘n’ Bone Man – Ego

Only after he scored big with Human last year, many people got to know Rag β€˜n’ Bone Man. But Rory Graham (his real name) is far from a newcomer. Already at the age of 15 (around the turn of the century), he was MC with a drum & bass crew, calling himself Rag β€˜n’ Bonez. A decade later, he collaborated with MC/producer Leaf Dog under the name Dog β€˜n’ Bone.

The last years, he released three mini albums: Bluestown, Put That Soul On Me and Wolves. His first full album, Human, is not a mini album, it’s a maxi album, with 19 tracks on the Deluxe Edition. It has just been released.

Hungry for new material to play, radio stations immediately put second single Skin on their playlists, but in hindsight this is hardly the best track on the album. As a consequence, the songs that have been put out digitally over the last days, in order to build up momentum for the album release, will probably have to wait some time to be picked up by radio. But when the time is right, expect Ego to be the proper follow-up to Human. Another smash!


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