Rebecca Lou – Lovesick

Technically, Rebecca Lou are a Danish trio, but there’s no doubt Rebecca Louise Armstrong is its front woman. If you thought their music so far was too punky, too dark and/or too sad, here’s your chance to start and love them. New single Lovesick is the first track to be released ahead of the band’s upcoming sophomore album Heavy Metal Feelings. An upbeat, fun, powerful, playful and bright love anthem, it could give Pink a run for her money. In the piano melody, Clock Opera’s Belongings shines through. Now that’s one hell of a recommendation!

When I just described Lovesick as a love anthem, I didn’t mean your usual love anthem. Talking about the track, Rebecca explains: β€œThe inspiration for Lovesick came after I met my friend’s tarantula Jenny. I thought she was so adorable and creepy cute, that I started daydreaming about her becoming a real human being and how we would fall in love and the whole world would turn into a big thunderstorm of pure romance. That’s why the chorus goes β€˜Jenny come alive / all your colours make me high’. It was a very weird and funny way to kick-start the track thematically, and I ended up sticking with it, because I thought it was funny.”

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